Kull: The Shadow Kingdom #3 - Comics by comiXology
With Pict leader Ka-nu's ominous warning still ringing in his ears, Kull must confront a more immediate crisisthe wrath of his wife, Lady Igraine, whose venomous tongue threatens the validity of his claim to the throne. If that weren't enough, Kull must still meet with Brule, the formidable-yet-contentious Pict warrior whose insights will lead to a horrific revelation. **Praise for Arvid Nelson's Rex Mundi series:** [Arvid] Nelson compellingly stretches the medium. Entertainment Weekly Truly original ideas are worth their weight in gold, but a truly original idea executed with as much intelligence and obvious passion as Rex Mundi is priceless. A top-of-the-stack comic, month after month. Brian K. Vaughan