Trio Polycordes & Mareike Schellenberger, Vol. 3
1- Une pincee de ciel, Alexandros Markeas / 2-3-4- Tres Cantos a Pandora III, V*, IX Luis Naon, written by Jose Tono Martinez, annotations d'Abel Robino, *voice-over Luis Naon / 5- TCP 17, Bruno Giner / 6- Sixty-one Ropes Shibari, Sylvain Kassap / 7- La Caja de Pandora, Michele Reverdy, written by Jose Tono Martinez. The TRIOPOLYCORDES, Florentino Calvo, mandolin, Jean-Marc Zvellenreuter, guitar and Sandrine Chatron harp -Isabelle Daups harp, 1997 up to 2008- is an unique formation of plucked strings celebrating 20 years of collaboration (during which time they have performed more than 60 new works especially written for them. ------------------ Mareike Schellenberger, Mezzo-soprano