Qantas couple from ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ ad wed in Uluru Wedding!
This is what we call young love! You aren’t Australian if you don’t remember the song lyrics to Qantas’ I Still Call Australia Home. Now that we’ve got you, two of the adorable children from the choir have gotten hitched! Image: Instagram/@shotfromtheheart 18 years later, Melbourne couple Elysia Simons and Paul Van Der Toorren celebrated their love in an outdoor ceremony inspired by the commercial. The advert, responsible for this real-life romance, symbolically pushed Paul to propose at it’s filming location occurring at Uluru; the place they first met as children. How touching! Elysia was just 9 when she met Paul who both were members of the Australian Girls Choir and National Boys Choir in 1999. Image: OverSixty “We saw each other a few times after at choir events but being nine-year-olds in an age where there was no Instagram, Facebook or mobile phones, it didn’t even cross our minds to exchange details.” Image: OverSixty This is simply adorable – we always LOVE a good love story!