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7 AM. After the rain. : title. 7 AM. After the rain. Guam,USA, 2010. shot .......  2 / 6 (Today's picture. That's unannounced.) image. ONE OK ROCK … Take What You Want ft. 5 Seconds Of Summer Cairns. I went to Australia. The day when Japan was left. August 5. The day when I have arrived in Japan. August 10. The number of which I took a picture. 3763. Full capacity. About 22 GB. I'm happy. If you enjoy yourself. :) _________________________________ _________________________________ Profile. In November 2014, we caught the attention of the party selected to undertake the publicity for a mobile phone that changed the face of the world with just a single model, and will conclude a confidentiality agreement with them. _________________________________ _________________________________ | stealaway