{365 days} - dd_star
{365 days} : It's been one year since I lost my best friend, my heart, my biggest fan, my love, my father. One year since I heard your voice or Gimli's "You have my axe" ringtone that announced your daily "Good Morning Merry Sunshine"s. One year since I don't pick up the phone anymore when I'm sad, to hear the words that made any problem in the world seem like the smallest most unimportant thing (and your favorite mantra: "This Too Shall Pass"). And three years since I last hugged the best person I have ever known. It has been a full year. But... it doesn't seem to have been that long, because you are in everything I do. Everything I touch, I add the magic that you taught me to see. Everyone I interact with, I do so with the kindness that you taught me to have. In every fall, I get up with the strength I so often saw you muster. Everything I do, I do with the intent of making you proud. & in all those things, in every fiber of my being and in everything that I am, you are eternal. I love you more, I love you 3.1~ | dd_star