"I'm not ready yet, Hold on Terry You're Next!!
For my Mother vsm1951-Vicky & Aunt Terry-tmb I made this creation as memories of their childhood. The pink elephant is what Mom saw in her window and was scared to go to sleep every night, that was her boogie man. My Mother is a true Diva, she was just born with it!! LOL (Diva is what is says under Blingee). Moms Sister Terry was a Tom Boy. Mom was a Glamour Queen. Mom made Terry let her do her hair and makeup only to find Terry outside with the boys playing and she wrecked all of the hard work Mom put into her to teach her how to be girly, boy was Mom mad! Mom and her friend Nancy played dress up and wore Grandmas wedding gown, she has it on in this picture. (pretend) My Mom was the best at rolling hair in curlers, Mom loved it and Terry hated it! Hairspray was a necessity for this Aqua Net Queen, the higher the style the better the look!! Some things change as we grow older, but one thing remains the same. My Mother is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World! (Jennifer Lopez has nothing on her!) Aunt Terry is still happy without makeup and runs from the hairspray still to this day! At a Family get together she will be on the ball field up at bat. I love you both with all my heart, makeup and hairspray or not!! :) Aunt Terry, the natural look never looked so good, you present it well. Neither one of you look a day over 40, so how old does that make me? :)