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If you don't know them already, this lesson is going to get you nailing Power Chords! Power chords are essentially just simplified, 2 note chords. They sound very "powerful" with distortion and overdrive.Which absolutely makes Power chords an essential technique for every electric guitar player!Power chords are great for a number of reasons. But here's my favourite thing about them. It's a "one shape fits all" kind of chord. Once you learn the chord, you just move it around. Without changing anything!We are going to nail two classic songs that both utilize power chords. TNT by ACDC, and Brainstew by Greenday.Simple Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners Download the free lesson PDF - tabs/chords here: for our FREE beginner guitar system here:’s called “5 Minute Guitar” and it’s valued at $100.00 - but you can register and start rockin’ the house through our proven system for free : Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners1:04 How to play Power Chords 3:33 TNT ACDC 7:51 Brainstew GreendayThanks for checking out the lesson!Will & Mike B w/ Campfire Guitar StarTo start ripping it up on guitar and to start rocking the house, check out these powerful resources:Our Free Beginner Program ⇒ Blues Program ⇒ Acoustic Program ⇒ Rock/Lead Program ⇒ 1960s Rock Guitar Song Collection ⇒ 1-on-1 LIVE Guitar Coaching Webcam Lessons ⇒ 5 Minute Guitar System Book (physical book shipped to your door) plus access to the 4+ hours of video ⇒ for checking out the lesson.Keep on rippin’ it up,Will Ripley & Mike B from Campfire Guitar Star