AL JARREAU | L Is For Lover-Deluxe Edition CD featuring Moonlighting (Original Recording Remastered/Limited Edition/Bonus Tracks)
THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. RELEASE DATE: APRIL 28, 2017.L Is For Lover as Al Jarreau so eloquently described to us is one of those albums that his international audience knows every song, the track order, the lyrics, who played on the album, etc. In other words, this 1986 masterwork is truly a fan favorite. This Nile Rodgers (David Bowie, Chic, Madonna) produced gem included some very incredibly strong material with hits like "Tell Me What I Gotta Do", "L Is For Lover" and stellar album cuts like Johnathan Butler’s "Give A Little More Lovin’ and Al Jarreau’s own "Says" and the jazz groover "Across The Midnight Sky." You can also see why the fans agree that this is a very special album from Al Jarreau as it includes world class musicians like Nile Rodgers, Steve Ferrone, Anthony Jackson, Hiram Bullock, Lisa Fischer and Phillip Saisse. It is with much honor to announce another installment in the extensive Al Jarreau Remaster Series here at Friday Music with his smash album "L Is For Lover/The Deluxe Edition." Remastered from the original Warner Bros. tapes by Joe Reagoso (Al Jarreau/Boz Scaggs/George Benson), this wonderful release is now supplemented with interview notes from the late Al Jarreau as well as three great bonus tracks including his #1 smash single "Moonlighting" from the great ABC Television series from the eighties, which of course starred Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. We have also included the original artwork elements from the vinyl release to make this even a more enjoyable and frequent revisit to your favorite music and memories of this Al Jarreau classic. "L Is For Lover/The Deluxe Edition" available exclusively on Friday Music. Enjoy!