Cabinet of Extinction
Book, containing 52 pages. Cabinet of Extinction portraits a collection of species that all succumbed during the last 500 years due to the often reckless, actions of mankind. The illustrations are drawn by hand in pencil and processed into different types of collages. The texts accompanying the visual spreads in the book are made up of fragments of contemporary peoples’ observations and tells a story about what led them down their final path to extinction. Cabinet of Extinction is a graphic voyage that looks in to the past, where imagination meets zoology, history and science – but on a tangent also wishes to ask uncomfortable questions about humanity and what it will take to maintain biodiversity today. – Cabinet of Extinction became one out of five nominated at KOLLA! 2014, in the category Graphic design/ Student project. The project was also part of the exhibition Ung Svensk Form, Dåtid, Nutid, Framtid at Stockholms Auktionsverk in February 2017.
johanna magoria