Sydney College of the Arts
This series was created as a summary of my contemporary art journey which began in 2010. It was that year that I first volunteered for the Biennale of Sydney and spend much of those 12 weeks on Cockatoo Island (in Sydney Harbour). Eight crazy years later I am graduating from Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney, Rozelle Campus. The Cuckoo from Cockatoo print is of a photo I took of the SCA campus from Cockatoo Island. Both Cuckoo and Roger prints use a technique with which I have been experimenting. The only colour that is printed is #2a52eb (blue). The shading effect is done through printing multiple layers of that same blue. This image has gone through the printer 12 times to build up the layers. The simplicity of the image is in stark contrast with the complexity of the process which is similar to the duck gliding along the surface of a lake analogy... a reflection of how much of my artwork happens. SCA Glass Hot Shop Roof uses a technique similar to screen printing whereby each colour is printed separated, therefore, this 5 colour print was sent through the printer 5 times.
Paul Cooper