Permanence & Nebulosity
The people of the new century, in every part of the world, are simple fog in front of the buildings that surround them... Meetings, discussions, smiles, friendships... just a few seconds... With this project the photographer wants to show the emotional flow in constant motion in front of a building or structure that represent stability. The project shows the viewer the transit, slow or fast, of human beings in a specific place of the planet. Men and women who can’t be recognised, young or old, sad or happy in a universe of moving emotions. Increasingly unsteady and restless, it seems that we are always trying to reach something and that there is always somewhere to go. Behind each one of them is a story, a need, a reason justifying their wander. The artist, like the viewer, takes his time, sits down, observes them and maybe, if he wishes, he can imagine all the stories that they hide. Whether they are close to the truth we will never know.
Davide Regalia