Into the wood
This version of the photo published on Faerie Magazine comes from a project that required more than twenty hours of working. Starting with the identification of the spot in the forest of La Colle sur Loup showed by our friend, the Land Art sculptor, Spencer Byles. We went back and soak up the place and imagine a staging to take advantage of the special athmospheric ambient of the place, and what we wanted to show you. As with all our photo projects, we conducted a reflection, exchange, and wrote a synopsis. This allowed us to choose the best suitable photo equipment, cameras and lenses, lighting and accessories. When climatic conditions have been met (gray sky, wet and cloudy - which is relatively rare in our southern region of France), we went there at a specific time of day to have a natural light initially, and after the subtle darkness of twilight. On the site, we have conducted more than 300 pictures with two cameras mounted on tripods simultaneously with two different objectives. We combined two different approaches of the same scene, especially to capture the fleeting fog effects made by us. Our methodology is based on a systematic consideration of every detail of the scene we want to emphasize on the final shot. This involves, among other specific lighting (angles, intensities, heat) on many issues and details of the subject. Although the script was written in advance, we must constantly adapt to the situation, the atmosphere which by definition is constantly changing. This allows us to experiment constantly with new techniques. In practical terms, this usually rather dark spot, we had to deal with such an unexpected change in light intensity. Throughout this session, we kept in mind to never misrepresent the atmosphere of this place, but rather to emphasize, to suggest the subtleties. In post production, the 300 photos entered, we selected twenty to obtain, after assembly, the snapshot below ...
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