The remaining lights project
There was a time when Nature was real, major and singular. A nature without double, living, which didn't need anyone to coexist and intermingle the elements in a perfect symbiosis. A self-sufficient nature that regulated itself. A nature that believed itself in peace, nascent and radiant for eternity. But modern man put a stop to this perfection, shameless, selfish, superior that he believed in tides, winds, seasons, incessant cycles, superior to the flora, the rocks. Self-proclaiming at the very top of the pyramid, he cut in the living, in the living, vegetable and animal, destroying and looting without scruples. It is driven by the reflex of survival that nature, as much as it could, took shelter. Concealing then his most beautiful colors, his most astonishing manifestations. There are places where, however, nature is given almost entirely. In the four corners of the globe, nature consents to reveal itself, to offer its phenomena. To contemplate them is a miracle as much as a chance. Miraculously, there is one of which we're looking for : light circles ! Which appear in charged and preserved sites, acting like mirrors of our existences: the nature does not take itself, it is offered to those who respect it. We had the privilege of being the witnesses sometimes. That's why we have not stopped since, to meet the remaining light circles. "The real is what continues to exist when we stop believing it" Clément Rosset
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