RIP RGB - 40x27 \ 27x40 cm , wool/acryl - 2019
The RGB RIP diptych on a technical level embodies a feeling of a technical error entwined with an exploration of primary colors. By taking apart the images and creating their brightly colored echoes, the artist enhances the feeling of an error that took place. The theme of an error is further realized on the conceptual level by pairing up two pop-icons who passed away too early: the universally admired Marilyn Monroe and the influential Russian rapper Detsl, whose body of work left a deep impact on several generations of young people in Russia. By linking these two together, the artist encourages the audience to ponder the nature of the unfortunate circumstances, perhaps, errors, which led to the loss of the influential creators of different generations, countries, societies, genders, etc. The artist's choice of the pieces' shape is supposed to contribute to the overall feeling of an error or a mistake, perhaps even frustration. At first glance, these portraits look usable, since their shape reminds the audience of bags or pillows, but they are two dimensional and serve no other purpose than to decorate, to be exhibited and looked at. —-
Ekaterina Penzina