GPS - 65 x 65 cm , wool/acryl, 2019.
GPS is a surrealistic collage, in which the artist in a way rediscovers the Russian soul. Items and symbols, connected in a seemingly random way, encourage various interpretations. Big red hammer and sickle may be a new "ghost of communism", still lurking at large in Russia, or nothing than an old faded symbol of a long and difficult history, still alive in hearts of many. The big sad eye (not unlike an eye of Vladimir Putin) might be an eye of the Big Brother watching over the vast lands of Russia, but it is, undoubtedly, is also an embodiment of the famous concept of "Russian Toska". A ridiculous sight of instant noodle in a beer can is both a testament of extreme powerty, in which many Russian citizents has been living for decades, and a hymn to the Russian's ingenuity allowing them to make something out of practically nothing. The chessboard both reminds audience of the most iconic game in the Soviet period and invites the viewers to play with the artwork for a bit, to piece together the symbols to come up with new meanings.
Ekaterina Penzina