Neblina (2015-16)
'Photographing myself outside is a different story… I am scared. Scared of what people might think I am doing. Scared what they might say. Scared of what they might do… But yesterday I realised that I just needed to get outside.' - 1st October 2015. In 2015 I realised how much anxiety was a theme within my work and present within my life. Since moving to London in late 2010 I had mainly been taking self-portraits in my room/’studio’. Whilst making Amalgamated Anomalies I decided that I had to 'face my fears' and photograph myself outside. I kept a diary whilst on shoots which provided the captions. Drawing/doodling is something that I have often done to relax or concentrate, so drawing on the photographs felt like a natural step to channel my anxiety.
Jocelyn Allen