Tailless Cat Has Waited Over A Decade In Shelter, But She Hasn’t Lost Her Courage To Find A Home
Sabrina may have lost her tail, but she hasn't lost her persistence to find a forever home. Sabrina has spent more than a decade with Sante D'Or, a rescue group in Los Angeles, California. She came into the rescue when she was hit by a car at six weeks old. Sabrina was not born a manx, but her tail was broken in the car accident and unfortunately, couldn't be saved. "The little puff on her rear only makes her cuter, though-like a bunny/cat hybrid," Sante D'Or told Love Meow. The rescue also told Love Meow that she still requires extra care, especially when going to the bathroom, which has made potential adopters shy away from the adorable cat. Credit: Sante D'Or "She is so well-loved at the rescue; she is a favorite of many of our long-time volunteers. We have been and will continue to be happy and proud to take care of her," Joan Afton of Sante D'Or told Love Meow. Sabrina is still looking for a human to take her home, and I know if I could, I absolutely would. Let's try and find this cat who's been suffering way too long, a permanent place to live. If you'd like to adopt Sabrina, please check out the rescue's website. Credit: Sante D'Or