Hallowe'en Brexit - You Don't Need To Make It Up » Scottish Socialist Party
by Colin Fox So now Brexit is set for October 31st. Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit impasse just runs on, and on, and on. With the second ‘deadline’, April 12th, for leaving the EU having expired anti-climatically without fanfare, just as March 29th did before it, Britain now faces the farcical prospect of contesting elections to a European Parliament voters opted to Leave three years ago. Having seen her EU Withdrawal Bill ignominiously dumped three times by the House of Commons, the UK Prime Minister in desperation opted for a tactical volte-face turning abruptly away from trying to persuade her recalcitrant DUP/ERG right wing allies, towards wooing Labour instead. Photo: Craig Maclean But the obstacles to an EU deal via this ‘compromise’ » Read more »