Another 38p an hour after 100,000 back SSP £10 Minimum Wage campaign » Scottish Socialist Party
The National Minimum Wage goes up by 38p on Monday April 1st from £7.83/per hour to £8.21 thanks to the Scottish Socialist Party and campaigners like us. The SSP marked this over the weekend by taking campaigns onto the streets with stalls in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Speaking at a street stall in Glasgow, SSP national co-spokesperson Colin Fox said: “On the streets we have collected over 100,000 signatures pressing our demand for a £10 an hour minimum wage for all irrespective of age – and our work in the unions means that this demand is now the policy of the TUC. It’s not enough of course – we want £10/hour because that’s the rate the Government say you need to be earning to pay your own way. » Read more »