NEWS & OFFERS: Etihad Asia from £1095, Australia from £1905 and Hotel Ritz becomes Mandarin Oriental Madrid
Etihad Asia from £1117 Yesterday I wrote about the UK Etihad sale which is a little underwhelming. There are some better offers if you are willing to start in Sweden but they do involve 2 stops to the destination, one in Europe and then one in Abu Dhabi. You can find out more about flying from Scandinavia as a starting point in this article. The best prices business class return are: Stockholm/Gothenburg to Tokyo £1488 Bangkok £1241 Phuket £1251 Manila £1161 Singapore £1117 Kathmandu £1304 Sydney £1905 Oslo to Jakarta £1253 (handy for Bali) Bangkok £1095 Kuala Lumpur £1316 Phuket