Simple Beef Curry Recipe
Simple Beef Curry Recipe, a wonderfully fragrant dish that is hearty and filling. The beef simply melts in the mouth, while the sauce has a lovely mild Indian flavour. A big favourite for dinner. This is definitely a dish after my own heart. I'm quite a big fan of curries, although I do go for the mild ones rather than authentic curry recipes which are usually a bit too fiery for my own taste. So my curries tend to be exactly that: my own version of classic recipes, but equally delicious. You can, of course, add some more spice if you don't mind the heat. Unlike chicken, which would be ready in about 30 minutes or so, this beef curry takes a lot longer to cook. If you want you beef super tender melting in your mouth, this can only be achieved by cooking it slowly on the stove top. But just because it's not my usually quick recipe, it does not mean that it's not dead easy to make it. It's all a matter of getting the ingredients in the pan, and gradually adding more beef stock (broth). Pretty simple, isn't it? My Indian Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe is pretty