Semolina Pudding Recipe
Semolina Pudding Recipe or semolina porridge is an easy and nutritious breakfast that little ones just adore. And big ones too. Just a few ingredients and you get the most amazing pudding ever. It can also be considered a dessert, and served either hot or cold. Wait, have l mentioned how ridiculously easy to make this semolina pudding recipe is? Ready in well under 10 minutes and a bowl of sheer goodness is right there in front of you. It makes a great alternative to the good old oat porridge. Top it either with cinnamon only or your favourite jam, fresh fruit or nuts. Or fruit and nuts together. How to make the perfect semolina pudding? Semolina pudding is basically made of 2 ingredients: milk and semolina, but you can choose to make it as flavourful and sweet as you like. All you need to do is bring the milk to boil, add the semolina gradually and keep whisking until it thickens. Don't be tempeted to add any more semolina, as this will thicken further once it cools down. If you really like it a bit sweeter, add more sugar to it, although I think there is no need for