Roasted Eggplant Fan with Chicken, Cheese and Tomatoes
Roasted Eggplant Fan stuffed with chicken, cheese and tomatoes, an impressive appetizer that is a great alternative to the classic stuffed eggplant (aubergines). So delicious, and making it is easier than you would think. Healthy, gluten free and low carb, this recipe is the perfect party food. If you get confused by the terms eggplant and aubergines, no need to panic. It's actually the same thing. While eggplant is the American English term, aubergine is the British English. When l was in school in Romania, l first learnt the American version, but once l moved to the UK, I inevitably started using the term aubergine. So, sometimes l might use either one or another. But I must say that I do prefer the term aubergines, most of the time, purely because I use it in the day to day life. Regardless of what you choose to call them, they are a favourite it my family. But as much as l love aubergines, they can be pretty boring on their own. Cook them together with other ingredients and season them well, and they taste just amazing. I do have a few favourite recipes, the scrumptious Mayo Eggplant Dip Canapés which make a