Easy Chicken Biryani Recipe
Easy Chicken Biryani Recipe, a delicious chicken dinner that is bursting with amazing flavours. Rice cooked to perfection and chicken cooked in fragrant, but mild Indian spices are combined in one fanstastic dish that everyone in the family can enjoy. How to make chicken biryani at home Biryani, also spelt biriyani or biriani, is so popular all over the world, and there are quite a few variations of this dish. The main ingredients are rice, meat and seasoning, and here it is entirely up to you how little or how much you use. If you use rather mild spices, kids ca definitely enjoy it too. I usually make enough for about 2-3 people, since little ones don't eat that much, so feel free to double up the amount of ingredients if you are cooking for a larger crowd. start by marinating the chicken with yogurt, seasoning and spices boil the rice until it's about 80% cooked, it will cook further in the oven - drain and set aside sautee the onion, add the garlic and ginger, then tomatoes cook until the tomatoes and slightly mushy, this will take about 3-4 minutes Alternatively, you can use tomato paste if you don't