Easy Butter Chicken Recipe (Indian Style)
Easy Butter Chicken Recipe, my take on the classic chicken curry that is popular all over the world. With a rich creamy sauce and a fantastic blend of spices, this is one of the must-try easy family dinner recipes. Few are the dishes that make such an impression on me from the very first time I try them. It wasn't until I moved to the UK some 10 years ago that I first tried a restaurant-style chicken curry. Coming from a country where strong spices are not really a thing, this was certainly different. Good different. It did take me a while to get used to the heat, since I used to eat food that's rather plain. I knew I had to cook it myself, and so this easy Indian butter chicken recipe was created. My recipe is a well simplified one, and although I have used the basic spices, I decided to play safe and keep it mild, just the way I like it. Now, the authentic Indian chicken curry may use a different cooking technique, and a lot more spices, but I must admit I'm kind of rubbish at buying a large variety of spices. Still Romanian to