Easy Bacon Carbonara Pasta Recipe
Creamy Bacon Carbonara with parmesan cheese, bacon lardons and eggs. If you like pasta, you will love this 20-minute Italian dish. No cream, no complicated sauces, just the real deal. The creamy carbonara sauce can't be any simpler. This spaghetti carbonara, although so easy, is posh enough to serve your finest guests with. And it's so flavourful, it tastes even better than at any fancy restaurant where a decent portion would cost you well over £10. And dinner's ready in under 20 minutes. Who can blame the Italians for being pasta fanatics? If you can get big flavours from simple ingredients and there no need to slave away for hours in the kitchen, l'm in. Although l probably wouldn't eat pasta every day, no matter how much l love it. I only visited Italy once, when l went to Venice and Milano. Needless to say that l fell in love with Venice straight away, it must be the most beautiful city in the world. I was really excited about trying the authentic Italian food, and was not disappointed at all. I can't quite remember all the dishes l had, but one thing stuck to my mind, that even the priciest