Hedge Hyssop Benefits and Uses
Botanical Name: Gratiola officinalis. Other Common Names: Gratiola, gratia dea, herb of grace, Gnadenkraut (German), graciola (Spansih), gratiole officinale (French), nådesurt (Dansih). Habitat: Hedge hyssop is found growing wild from Western and Central Europe to Western Asia. It has been introduced to North America and Australia. The plant prefers alkaline moist soil in full sun. Description: Hedge hyssop belongs to the figwort (Scrophulariaceae) family. It is a smooth, 30-60 cm tall perennial plant with erect square-shaped hollow stems. The green leaves are opposite fleshy and slightly-toothed. The flowers are white (with purple veins) tubular and sit on short stalks in