Dwarf Milkwort – Health Benefits and Side Effects
Botanical Name of Dwarf Milkwort: Polygala amarella. Other Common Names: Bitter milkwort, rosettjungfrulin (Swedish), polygale amer (French), Sumpf-Kreuzblume (German), polígala amarga (Spanish). Habitat: Dwarf milkwort is indigenous to Europe, where the species has a wide distribution (mainly in Central Europe). Description: Dwarf milkwort is a small (around 10 cm high) perennial plant of the family Polygalaceae. The plant blooms in early summer with blue, pink or white (not common) flowers. The flowers are up to a half-inch long. The fruit is a heart-shaped capsule, and the two sepals do not cover the capsule. The plant prefers calcareous, wet and rocky