Cyclamen Uses as Herbal Medicine
Botanical Name: Cyclamen hederifolium, C. purpurascens. The plant genus Cyclamen contains 19 plant species commonly found in Europe, Mediterranean, Asia and in East Africa. Persian cyclamen (C. persicum) is a popular houseplant that many people are acquainted with. It often blooms at Christmas time and comes in a variety of cultivars. It is mainly two spices of cyclamen that have been used as herbal medicine, ivy-leaved cyclamen (C. hederifolium) and European or purple cyclamen (C. purpurascens). Other Common Names: Ivy-leaved cyclamen, sowbread, spring sowbread, stag truffle, alpefiol (Norwegian), cyclamen à feuilles de lierre (French), Neapolitanisches Zyklamen (German), höstcyklamen (Swedish), vedbendbladet