Biting Stonecrop – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects
Botanical Name: Sedum acre. Other Common Names: Common stonecrop, golden carpet sedum, wall-pepper, welcome home husband though never so drunk, gul fetknopp (Swedish), helluhnoðri (Icelandic), orpin âcre (French), Scharfer Mauerpfeffer (German), pampajarito (Spanish). Habitat: The plant can be found growing wild in almost all of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Today it's a popular garden plant. Description: Biting stonecrop is an evergreen perennial plant that can reach up to 5 to 10 cm tall. It grows by creeping shoots and forms dense clumps or mats on stone walls, rocks, and dry stony ground. The Leaves are smooth-margined, egg-shaped, thick and