Using JURN to find open access journals in arts and humanities | Open Science
If you are looking for unrestricted scientific material, for example in the form of free editions of journals, the Internet is the place to look. Open Access enjoys the full benefits of the web, and I can venture to say that without the Internet there would be no open access. The Internet however is full of junk, and it is hard to navigate through it if you do not have the know-how. Thankfully, there are numerous specialized tools and repositories that allow you to quickly and easily locate any content. One of these tools is JURN - an Internet search engine, designed to identify scientific journals. JURN focuses on the arts and humanities, so if you are looking for materials in these fields of research, it can be very useful. JURN searches among the more than 4.5 thousand indexed and free e-journals. Just enter the appropriate phrase into the search engine and a moment later you have the results. However, this solution is not perfect. If you want to narrow the list of results you need