Gluten Free Monte Cristo
Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this gluten free Monte Cristo is going to become your favorite. This ham and cheese masterpiece takes all the best of a sandwich and french toast to combine into one amazing bite! This post is sponsored by Three Bakers. All opinions are my own. Gluten Free Monte Cristo This classic sandwich is probably my new favorite. Who doesn't love a ham and cheese dipped in egg batter and fried in butter. It's like taking the best lunch has to offer and combing it with breakfast. You just can't go wrong. Three Bakers NEW Large Slice Loafs Yes, you read that correctly. Large slice loafs. That means your cheese will actually fit on the bread. Three Bakers just came out with two varieties in their gluten free large slice loafs. Classic White and Golden Flax. For the gluten free Monte Cristo, I used the Golden Flax and it was amazing! Easy Peasy This gluten free Monte Cristo is so easy to make! We have been making them left and right, trying out different cheeses and types of ham. Recipe Notes Only a few quick notes to go along with this gluten free sandwich. Use