Enjoy Life On The Go
Enjoy Life is our go to for Celiac Safe Snacks. Their new breakfast ovals and on the go protein bite bags are the perfect addition to your snack routine. This post is sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. All opinions are my own. On the Go Snacking I don't know about you, but I'm always on the go. Running kids around, working, errands, it just never stops. My diaper bag is always stocked with snacks, mainly because I miss meals more times than I like to admit. Grabbing fast food isn't generally an option for those with Celiac, and it's not the healthiest anyways. It's why I always keep Enjoy Life Snacks on hand. Usually I keep Seeds and No Nuts go bags, but I am loving the newest choices- Pro Bites Go Bags and Breakfast Ovals. Quick and Easy Breakfast Breakfast is one of those meals I miss, a lot, so I am loving these Breakfast Ovals. Purity Protocol oats make these Breakfast Ovals perfect for those with Celiac. If I have a little bit more time, they are also great on top of yogurt with some fruit! Enjoy Life Snacks All Enjoy Life Foods Snacks are Top 8 Allergen