Chayote Pork Ribs Soup 合掌瓜排骨汤
This soup is a type of Chinese soup, simmered with pork ribs and sweet carrots :) Chayote is also known as 佛手瓜 / 合掌瓜 in Chinese, which can be widely found in wet markets and supermarkets locally. 若想阅读中文版本,请在网页的右边 'Google Translate' 点击选择 中文简体 (Chinese Simplified)或 繁体 (Chinese Traditional) 翻译。可能食谱读起来会怪怪的,所以如果有疑问都可以问哦! Chayote is a type of pear-shaped fruit, with slightly wrinkled skin. To prepare it for the soup, simply peel off the skin, slice lengthwise and remove the seeds. Do be careful when you peel the chayote, as it will become sticky and slightly slippery. Sliced chayote is great for stir fry