Director Sébastian Pilote on <em>The Fireflies Are Gone</em>
Director Sébastian Pilote and actress Karelle Tremblay discuss their award-winning coming-of-age story, The Fireflies Are Gone (La Disparition des Lucioles). Karelle Tremblay stars in The Fireflies Are Gone (La Disparition des Lucioles) directed by Sébastian Pilote “Remember how it used to be,” says Léo (Karelle Tremblay), the teenage protagonist of Sébastien Pilote coming-of-age story, The Fireflies are Gone (La Disparition des Lucioles). A month away from graduating high school, Léo is already cynical about the world she’ll be entering as an adult. Her parents split up, and her stepfather, the local right-wing radio personality, helped push her union organizer father