Haptic wood box handmade, with canvas painting 3D print, with for some sand, stone, and fabric inside.40X40X10 when closed. " A point without thickness surrounded by a cloud of virtual particles that flow continuously forming a halo which is spread in space " (shape of the electron) Particles are the jewels of all things, fascinated by CERN last discovery, and thinking in a poetic way about phenomena of particles, i make a series of some of this jewels as they appears in my mind, reading and watching movies and conferences about. Presented in a box handmade ( each box and contents are unique and original ) i play with this old way of making box, respecting flame of wood, mixed with 3dprint form and material in order to make a sort of haptic box that you can keep close like a secret box , or open for showing original and unic particule inside.
Jean-François Réveillard