TobeUs - La Centrifuga
La Centrifuga I was invited by Matteo Ragni Studio to design a wooden toy car for TobeUs-Wannabeus. TobeUs is a project and brand by Matteo Ragni and it´s about simple and long-lasting wooden cars. The cars are made from a block of cedar wood and designed by making only two cuts in the wooden block. My toy car is inspired by the fact that everything is possible when you´re playing. Even a fluid wooden toy car, that gets bend in the curves by the centrifugal force. That´s why it´s name is "La Centrifuga" From the lateral side it seems like a normal car, but you can see and feel, that Centrifuga is the fastest car in the race! Jennifer Rieker/ TobeUs / 2 weeks / 2013
Jennifer Rieker