Sound of Midnight
“One night I was outside of a club in London, I think at that moment I started to hear it… The Sound of Midnight… How many pictures did I take that night? One roll? Two rolls, three? When I ran out of rolls, I’d re-expose the previous ones anyway. I’m a trigger happy, it always helps to wash the doubts away. People nowadays are afraid of the silence. Every day, as the propaganda tells us the precise opposite, we feel less human and less loved–as a photographer, there’s nothing I can do about it. But past midnight, when the smell of perfumes, cigarette and restaurant grease mix, when the humming of the bass echoes in the streets, when I hear this Sound of Midnight, I get this appetite for action, for images and for their destruction." Sound of Midnight is a journey to the end of the nightlife around the world - as the night gets darker, live action mixes with the fiction promoted through the bright pixels of the TVs and monitors around us... Through a large corpus of nearly 250 pictures, Clément Paradis sets a photographic climate... And shoots the portrait of the infra-human and infra-sexed magma into which sinks the remains of the ancient aesthetic, shattered by a furious echo spreading in the streets... past midnight. Discover the book here!
Clément Paradis