Logidays GDP Pharma Logistics
Logidays cool chain meeting has been created with direct aid and contribution from pharma/biopharma companies within the top 100. Other key contributors include pharma Ground Handlers, Airliners, Forwarders, Data loggers, Packaging and Container providers supporting Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics. Join a 200+ audience with majority being shippers. Cool chain Europe, Time and Temperature controlled logistics, GDP, good distribution practice, storage and transport of medicine for human consumption, vaccine logistics, pharma logistics, biopharma supply chain, data loggers, time and temperature monitoring system for pharma logistics, cool chain logistics PDF, cold chain logistics solutions, cold chain transportation, cool chain vaccine, thermal pharma packaging, thermal cold chain packaging, passive active packaging for pharma, thermal mapping, GDP audit, IQPC cool chain conference enquiry@logidays.com www.logidays.com