INFOGRAPHIC: Celebrate Earth Day from Home with Learn360! - Infobase
It’s Earth Day’s 50th Birthday! This year we might be celebrating Earth Day from indoors, but there are still many things we can all do to protect our planet. We’ve created a colorful, interactive infographic you can easily share with your students. Click the video camera icon in each of the infographic’s five sections to watch a Learn360 video with ideas and inspiration for helping the environment. Students will feel encouraged to conserve water, get involved, recycle, save energy, and travel green! Plus, here are some of the environment-themed videos you can find in Learn360 (content may vary for international collections): Environmental Systems series (Item #167016; with Educator Resources) How Can We Use Earth’s Resources without Harming the Environment? (Item #195288) Strange Days on Planet Earth series (Item #68383) Take Action for Climate Action (Item #195325) Take Action for Responsible Consumption and Production (Item #195352) Learn about Helping our Planet with Peter Planet (Item #148841) Race to Save the Reef (Item #183753) Earth Day, 2nd Edition: Holiday Facts and Fun (Item #74698) Franklin Plants a Tree: Franklin the Turtle (Item #79970; with Lesson Plan and Student Activity) DESKERCISE: Earth Day (MONDAY) (Item #72596) Ecological Foot Print: Your Impact on the Planet […]