All You Need To Know About Our Zero Waste Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
Our number one best sellers, our shampoo and conditioner bars, come with many questions! Many people used to salon-brand or other expensive shampoo and conditioners are very cautious about making the switch. We are here to assure you that there is nothing to worry about. You thought your hair felt soft, clean, and healthy before? Wait until you try our bars! Are you having a bad hair day? Not anymore! Our shampoo and conditioner bars contain no artificial fragrance, color, preservatives, detergents, alcohol, urea, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, propylene glycol, silicones, or any other synthetic additives. Not only are shampoo and conditioner bars eco-friendly, they are truly natural, gentle, cost effective, convenient, and are great for traveling! The answers to our most commonly asking questions and misconceptions about our shampoo and conditioner bars are listed below! HOW LONG DOES ONE LAST? The longevity of our bars depends on how long and thick your hair is, how often you wash and condition your hair, and how the bars are stored after each use. Typically, each of our small bars will last 50-70 washes, and our large bars 75-90! With care, each shampoo and conditioner bar can do the job of 2 to 3 regular bottles of store-bought liquid shampoo, with zero plastic to throw away after! They are also graywater safe, and cause no harm to marine life once the product washes down the drain. A few tips and tricks: Allow them to fully dry between uses on one of our soap lifts Don't let your shampoo or conditioner bar sit in a puddle of water Keep the bars away from your showerhead so that they do not get hit with extra shower water If your bars become soft and stuck to your shower shelf, take them out of the shower and allow them to completely dry before using again HOW DO THEY MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK AND FEEL? There are so many shampoos on the market, how do you even choose? Whether you have thin hair or thick hair, straight or curly, dry or oily, color-treated or grey, flat or frizzy, our shampoo and conditioner bars work for your hair type! The benefits our shampoo and conditioner bars have are endless! Our hair bars contain carefully selected ingredients that promote a clean, healthy, moisturized scalp, and soft, voluminous, shiny, light, frizz-free, tangle-free hair! Each ingredient in our bars has been handpicked to ensure they do not weigh your hair down, cause any build-up or leave residue, cause any irritation, and to assure that they lather well, rinse clean, are gentle on your hair and scalp, smell good, promote full, thick strands naturally, control frizz, and leave your hair feeling cleaner and healthier than ever before! The only difference between our bars is scent. Other than that, they are made with the same ingredients! DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SMALL BARS AND THE LARGE BARS? All of our hair bars are great, but we wanted to offer something that no other shampoo bar company does- an extra large shampoo bar! This bar is jam-packed full of every beneficial property there is. Our large bars have 3 extra ingredients. These are: Jojoba oil: helps prevent dandruff, breakage, and has anti-bacterial properties! This keeps your scalp super healthy and clean Abyssinian oil: gives a natural shine, protects against irritants and contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E, which are all amazing for your hair and scalp! Rapeseed oil: takes away any dryness you may be experiencing, promotes full, voluminous strands! Our large bars also last 75-90 washes compared to the 50-70 that our small bar does. For very problematic or damaged hair, we definitely recommend our large bar! Customers love both our small and large shampoo bar, just depends what you’re looking for! ALL of them leave your hair feeling absolutely amazing! DO YOU NEED TO APPLY AN APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RINSE AFTER EACH WASH WITH OUR BARS? Many people believe that all shampoo bars leave some sort of build-up and leave their hair feeling greasier than before. Shampoo bars that don’t have a good cleanser often leave your hair feeling that way- oily, greasy, and tangled. Our shampoo and conditioner bars, are the only ones we have found that do ALL of the work so weekly ACV rinses are not necessary! Our bars do everything that an ACV rinse does: restores the natural PH of your scalp, removes product and hard water build up, hydrates hair, prevents and treats an irritated scalp, restores shine, prevents hair loss, helps with volume, and more! DO OUR BARS MAKE YOUR HAIR FEEL OILY/GREASY? Our bars contain a mixture of ingredients that help balance the oil production in your scalp. This allows your hair and scalp to produce a healthy amount of oils but not over-produce, causing any build up or greasy feeling. They also do not contribute to any kind of build-up, and you can train your hair to go more days without washing it once you start using them! Your hair and scalp will not feel oily or greasy at all! WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THE CONDITIONER BAR SCRAPS? What should you do when your conditioner bar gets very small and starts to break up? Make our DIY leave-in conditioner! Put the leftover pieces into a spray bottle Fill the bottle with warm water, Shake! Spray on your damp hair to help reduce flyaway’s, tame frizz, detangle any strands you missed in the shower, and to help keep hair soft and smooth! DO THEY WORK WITH COLOR-TREATED HAIR? Most people find that our bars are easier and gentler on their hair than commercial shampoos. They will not strip color from your hair, as they do not contain detergents that are commonly found in commercial shampoo brands. They are completely safe for all color-treated hair. With the combination of natural oils, minerals, and butters, our bars may actually help prolong the color, allowing you to dye your hair less often! Since everyone's hair and coloring procedures are different, we suggest doing a strand test to decide for yourself. Simply, shampoo a strand of hair and rinse. Notice if there are any visible changes before shampooing your whole head. HOW DO I APPLY THE CONDITIONER? Rub your conditioner bar directly into your hair, as you would use a bar of soap, concentrating on your ends. Leave the product in for 1-2 minutes and/or scrub bar into your hair until you can easily run your fingers through while still in the shower. You cannot over-condition with our bars and they last 50+ washes. Using bar conditioner is completely different than bottled and does not work the same. Your hair may take time to adjust because they are all natural. They do not lather because it is not soap, but you will feel it working if used correctly! They rinse clean and will not make your hair feel greasy or weigh it down. If your hair is not completely tangle-free once you are finished conditioning it, you did not leave the conditioner in long enough and/or did not use enough. This is the biggest mistake people make when first using our conditioner bars. If used correctly, your hair will feel soft, tangle-free, and squeaky-clean! HOW ARE THESE BETTER THAN OTHER SHAMPOO BAR BRANDS? Unlike many big brand shampoo companies, our bars contain no phthalates, sodium laurel or laureth sulfate, fragrance, parabens, preservatives, artificial color, detergents, alcohol, urea, formaldehyde, DEA, propylene glycol, or any other synthetic additives! Even though many companies market their products as “all-natural” and “eco-friendly”, these ingredients can cause irritation, build-up, disrupt hormone and endocrine function, and are processed, giving them a longer shelf life. Not all shampoo bars are the same! Many of our customers have switched over from other shampoo bar companies. Do not become discouraged because the brand you tried did not work. The reason it did not work could be from all of the synthetic ingredients we listed above. Our shampoo and conditioner bars lather extremely well, remove all build up, promote full, thick strands, help with a dry or flaky scalp, help prevent hair loss, protect against sun damage, prevent any breakage, provide a natural shine, draw out toxins, and leave your hair feeling healthy and silky soft. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LATHER? Our shampoo bars lather immediately! They produce an amazing sudsy, foamy lather with just a few swipes onto your head! The reason our shampoo bars last so long is because it does not take much product to clean your hair and scalp. PALM OIL FREE? CRUELTY FREE? VEGAN? Many shampoo brands contain palm oil, or ingredients that are frequently tested on animals, especially big-bottle companies. Our bars are and always will be palm oil free, cruelty free, and made with 100% vegan ingredients! The color of our bars comes straight from nature- clay powders, plant seeds, and/or flowers! Our number one goal is to protect and preserve the environment- not sell products that harm it or our wildlife! BEST WAY TO TRAVEL WITH OUR BARS? The easiest way to travel with them is to place the bars in one of our rust-free travel tins or our soap saver bag! We highly suggest allowing the bars to thoroughly dry before storing them in the travel tins, so they do not shrink in size. DO THEY WORK WITH HARD WATER? Two of the main ingredients in our bars, lemon juice and lemon peel, help remove all hard water build up and residue, allowing your hair and scalp to rinse 100% clean! They work just as well with hard water! IS THERE A TRANSITION PERIOD? Our shampoo and conditioner bars are made with all-natural ingredients so commercial shampoos make for a completely different shampoo experience, as most contain chemicals, artificial fragrance, preservatives and other harsh and harmful ingredients. While we have not heard of someone experiencing a tough transition period with our bars, it can happen. The transition period can range from a few days to a few weeks. It really depends on what you were previously using, how damaged your hair is, and how much build-up is present on your scalp. When you first make the switch, your hair or scalp may become oily or dry, and you may feel that your hair has more tangles or frizz than usual. This is your hair, which has been accustomed to bottled shampoos containing chemicals, going through a sort of