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Published: 30/01/2019 Channel: A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Tags: artisthbtl, a boogie wit da hoodie, a boogie, international artist, the bigger artist, artist, highbridge, highbridge the label, atlantic, atlantic records, drowning, keke, my shit, beast mode, horses, jungle, Hoodie SZN, Hoodie Season, Hoodie, Look Back At It, Backpack Kid, Floss, Bronx, New York, New York Rap, v_ZhGrgSKEo, v-rxFHRTrJc, DmNfT-B7nlA Duration: 3:50 Views: 1357125 Likes: 75411 Dislikes: 2818 Comments: 6547 A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie "Look Back At It" Video Highbridge, The Label-signed artist A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has returned after a successful sophomore album release of Hoodie SZN, which invested 2 weeks in the spotlight on the Billboard 200 album charts. This time around, he's dropping a visual for his lead single "Look Back At It." Featuring an unexpected efficiency from the infamous dancing Backpack Kid, the video follows the social networks character's life as he's yelled at by his father for making music. The video takes a trippy turn when the boy is sucked into a TELEVISION screen, carrying him to the realm of the playful Highbridge High School. It's clear that the daddy isn't the best, as we see the mother drinking "Happy Tea" before the young kid is transported back to reality. The New York-based rap artist is likewise included in the visual, where he swoons over a cheerleader's great appearances. Have a look at the new video for "Look Back At It" above, and let us know what you believe. Rap Artist A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie attributes his success to some of the lessons he found out in high school in his "Look Back at It" video, which dropped Wednesday (Jan. 30). The song comes from his sophomore studio album, Hoodie SZN, which has spent 2 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The opening scene of the video shows a mom and dad watching TELEVISION while the daddy is screaming at his kid to stop playing the guitar so loudly. He tells him that the music he's playing is a waste of time and calls it "trash." The kid is then sucked into the TELEVISION and lands in a high school class with A Boogie, where the remainder of the story unfolds. The young kid, who is also the famous "flossing" star called Backpack Kid, is revealed joking around and chuckling with A Boogie and the rest of his schoolmates. The school setting is used as a metaphor to depict A Boogie as a student to his skills, and likewise illustrate the lessons he discovered that began in school and helped shape his profession today. " I was inspired to shoot 'Look Back at It' in a high school because I'm like a voice of the youth," A Boogie said in a statement. I was just like them in a classroom at one point. On the track, A Boogie discuss a woman while also funneling a sample of one of Michael Jackson's biggest hits, "You Rock My World." "The method you walkin', the method you talkin', is all because of me," Boogie sings. The cheerleader in class captures A Boogie's eye, to which he raps about getting "goosebumps" just by looking at her. These lyrics are a testimony to the distractions and pleasures that are often dealt with worldwide of entertainment-- balancing love with working hard. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Shares New Single "Look Back At It" A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has a brand-new full-length record en route later on this month, but prior to that drops, the New York City rap artist has shared the first single from the upcoming task with "Look Back At It." Produced by Jahaan Sweet and Hitmaka, the tune sees Boogie at his finest over the bouncy production. " Look At Back It" is a low-key intro to what we can get out of Hoodie SZN, the 23-year-old rapper's second studio album. The album isn't out till Dec. 21 through Highbridge and Atlantic Records, but from the noises of "Look Back At It," it'll certainly deserve the wait. The good news is, there's currently more teasers on what to expect from the record prior to it drops later on this month. A Boogie has been appearing all over this year, riding high off the success of his first studio album, The Bigger Artist, which included looks from Chris Brown, 21 Savage, Robin Thicke, Kodak Black, and Don Q to name a few. Judging from how his stature has actually just grown in the last year, it's likely that Hoodie SZN will feature a variety of high-profile visitors, too. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie today shares his video for single Look Back At It, drawn from his Billboard # 1 sophomore album HOODIE SZN. See it HERE. Previously this month he made his late-night TV launching with a performance of Look Back At It on the Late Night with Seth Meyers. Upon its release the single sprung to the top of several charts while peaking in the top 10 on the iTunes Top 200 Hip-Hop/Rap Singles in addition to Spotify Australia's Top 40 Songs and Apple Music AU Top 200 charts. Melbourne fans will have a rare opportunity to fulfill A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie at Laneway when he signs posters at the Polyester Records tent, with all profits going to the Heaps Decent charity. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Drops "Look Back At It" Video Starring Backpack Kid Fresh off the release his No. 1 album Hoodie SZN, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has dropped the video for album emphasize "Look Back at It." The video starts off with a tribute to Michael Jackson's iconic "Black or White" video, with Backpack Kid taking the place of Macaulay Culkin. The video then takes a sharp left turn, with Backpack Kid and Boogie going back to school. It's been a banner start to the year for Boogie, whose 2nd studio album debuted atop the Billboard charts despite setting the record for the least copies sold by a No. 1 album. With only 823 digital copies of the album offered, almost all of the near-60,000 album-equivalent units originated from streaming. It's worth pointing out that the numbers were most likely as low as they were since the album hadn't been released to physical merchants. It wasn't all excellent news for Boogie, after he was accused of scamming a 19-year-old tennis shoe reseller over 50 sets of sneakers. The rapper has because said that he had absolutely nothing to do with the incident and has said sorry to the teenager. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Paints The Songs On His 'Hoodie SZN' Album A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has actually come a long way, however never ever ranges himself from his home town. As an artist who actually formed his career from the ground up, the Bronx local comprehends what it takes to make it. His launching album, 2017's The Bigger Artist featured the Kodak Black-assisted "Drownin" which is now triple-platinum. Never one to grow contented, it's time to return to the grind, or possibly Hoodie SZN, as A Boogie entitled his most current album. XXL gets the entertainer, whose real name is Artist, to flaunt his artistry as he paints his way through the tunes on the new record for our Masterpiece series. Hoodie SZN has actually been teased for a while, however it got here on Dec. 21, right before the vacations. The album cascades in between the fun-loving A Boogie and the darker, more individual side of himself. At its heart, Hoodie SZN is the story of a young guy attempting to get through life and love as a star. " The album Hoodie SZN has to do with the outcome of where I come from, it provided me this black heart," A Boogie informs XXL, as he indicates his painting of a heart. "And the black heart represents depression." The album opener "Voices in My Head," is a summary of A Boogie's ideas on his own popularity, from being targeted to individuals believing his life is best. Produced by the trio of Jake One, Slade Da Monsta and Nascent, the artist utilizes the booth to clear his mind. "I dropped my first mixtape and yeah, that shit ran laps/By the time I dropped The Bigger Artist, like seven million in plaques/Got excessive gold, I'm way too smart to leave my baby crib without straps/And any nigga add on us gon' get struck like that," he rhymes, keeping whatever in viewpoint, even his success. "Its insane, my name is Artist, and I dead can't even paint. Can't draw, do none of that shit," he shows a laugh, as he starts to paint a yelling emoji. He adds a couple of lines to represent a shout before requesting for some approval, then covers it up. A devoted entertainment of a popular emoji is the result; Artist isn't too shabby at all with the paintbrush. Later on, he highlights his tune "Demons and Angels," a partnership in between him and Chicago rising star Juice Wrld. "I'ma toss the red in there for the demons 'cause that implies stop, and the green in there for the angels because that suggests go," he describes as he paints a circle for each color. As it goes, Juice Wrld is a workhorse in the studio, as he produced several tunes using the very same beat in the session. "Bro, you going bananas!" was A Boogie's response to Juice's output. "'Look Back at It' took me mad long to drop, first of all," A Boogie states, with relief in his voice. "It got two Michael Jackson samples on it, that's why it took me an entire year to drop." He paints a handprint for this song to represent a glove for the King of Pop. "'Remember the Time' and 'You Rock My World' from Michael Jackson were 2 of my preferred songs ever. My mother used to bump them all the time." Mama understands finest. It's been a banner start to the year for Boogie, whose 2nd studio album debuted atop the Billboard charts in spite of setting the record for the least copies sold by a No. 1 album. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has come a long method, but never ranges himself from his home town. Never one to grow complacent, it's time to get back to the grind, or perhaps Hoodie SZN, as A Boogie entitled his most current album. The album waterfalls between the fun-loving A Boogie and the darker, more individual side of himself.'Look Back at It' took me mad long to drop, initially of all," A Boogie says, with relief in his voice.