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Published: 01/02/2019 Channel: 21SavageVEVO Tags: 21, 21 Savage Cole, 21 Savage song, 21 Savage a lot, A Lot Cole, Cole Savage, Atlanta rap, Atlanta hip hop, Bank Account, Issa, Issa Album, Savage Mode, Without Warning, I Am I Was, LeBron James, Metro Boomin, Offset, J Cole, J. Cole, I Am Greater Than I Was, Rap, Ric Flair Drip, Ric Flair, Ric Flair video 21, Sheck Wes, Quavo, Gunna, Young Thug, Southside, Zaytoven, DJ Mustard, monster, Ghostface Killers, Numb, FaceTime, No Heart, Future Duration: 6:32 Views: 2784570 Likes: 337523 Dislikes: 3009 Comments: 27079 21 Savage has actually released his company-new tune video for including J.Cole The 26-yr-old "Bank Account" rap artist and the 34-yr-historical "No Role Modelz" rap artist teamed up for the catchy tune and visual, which they dropped on Friday (February 1). " A lot" is featured on 21 Savage's brand-new album, which landed the No. 1 area on the Billboard two hundred for 2 weeks in a row. The video, directed by method of Aisultan Seitov, depicts Savage and Cole attending what appears to be a circle of loved ones supper ahead of a funeral. At the end of in 2015, Savage released his reasonably ambitious and reliable album i am > i was. It's the very first time among Savage's projects has huge prominent visitor verses, the very first one that actually pursues value. And now he's made a clip for "A Lot," the opening track, which was formerly significant mainly for its soul sample and for the part where visitor J. Cole states some slightly supportive-sounding aspects of Tekashi 6ix9ine. Now it's got this grand cinematic video, which signs up as a cool surprise. Director Aisultan Seitov films Savage and Cole at an expensive mansion party, around a group of warm and familial black folks who are clearly very pleased to be around each other. Then the video camera reveals them in minutes of darkness and battle. And the electronic camera also indicates that maybe they aren't really all there-- that these minutes avoided them from ever being there. It's heavy, and it's powerful. See it listed below. 21 Savage releases the video to his song entitled "A Lot" featuring J. Cole on the track. Though late in the video game, 21 Savage and J. Cole's "A Lot" was among the year's highlights, a partnership as unforeseen as it was effective. With emotional production and the combined gravitas of 2 greatly various artists, 21 and Cole's thought-provoking banger brought harmony in between the new generation and the hip-hop's self-professed "Middle Child." It's yet another good search for the hot-streak-riding Cole, who continues to maneuver through the video game with a significant grace. When it comes to 21 Savage, it's clear that the young rap artist is looking at another one for the books, and it'll be amazing to see what way of direction he winds up taking. This is the kind of song( s) you would not wish to miss on your playlist. Late in the video game, 21 Savage and J. Cole's "A Lot" was one of the year's highlights, a collaboration as unanticipated as it was efficient." 21 Savage A Lot feet J Cole Music Video download, totally free download 21 Savage A Lot feet J Cole. Now, the pair has come through for some new visuals, properly cinematic in scope. Around a family party of sorts, those present discover convenience in their shared company; on the other hand, different others find themselves reflecting on misfortunate circumstances, adding visual weight to the tune's refrain. It's yet another excellent try to find the hot-streak-riding Cole, who continues to maneuver through the game with a noteworthy poise. When it comes to 21 Savage, it's clear that the young rap artist is taking a look at another one for the books, and it'll be exciting to see what manner of direction he ends up taking. In the meantime, check out the Aisultan Seitov-helmet clip, and sound off below. 21 Savage And J Cole Show Off The Importance Of Family In 'A Lot' Cole is here for his verse, which is suspiciously absent from the physical CD version. The exact same amount of soul evident in the smooth tune exists here, making us both hungry and thankful for the family at the very same time. In a plain departure from his more luxurious visuals, "A Lot" keeps things simple. 21 Savage and J. Cole attend a household event total with fresh home-cooked foods, smiling extended family members, and a beautiful, yet somewhat imposing, mansion. However with big family comes emotional baggage and we get a peek into what these individuals carry-- from dead pals to incarcerated partners. In the middle of all of this, 21 Savage makes it clear that living in the minute is what's essential. 21 Savage's I Am > I Was became his very first album, following 2017's Issa Album, to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. It offered 131,000 systems in its first week. Previously this week, 21 Savage and an enchanting sequin coat, as a replacement for J. Cole, carried out "A Lot" on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The trippy beat and some flawless verses by both artists make this song something to keep in mind. " A lot" appears in 21 Savage's 2nd studio album entitled' i am > i was' launched on December 21st, 2018. It is the first track on the album and gives an introduction to the entire style of the album, which roughly stands to suggest how he has moved forward in life. 21 Savage discusses having a great deal of opponents, needing to do a great deal of dirty business, having to make it through, and going through heartbreaks in his journey of self-progress. J. Cole signs up with on the track to back 21 Savage, as he raps about his battles in making it out as an artist. Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of "a lot" In 21 Savage's lyrics on this track, we hear him speaking with himself about the varied alleys of curses and true blessings in his life. Being a prominent artist in hip-hop makes you a target for every single other artist in the industry. 21 Savage has numerous concerns to himself. He expresses that he had a lot of individuals who questioned him, who wished his failure, who undercut him and his work, and even who literally shot him. 21 Savage has a history of being in red waters with the cops due to gun possession. An article declares that 21 Savage was shot 6 times on his 21st birthday-talk about getting shot a lot!!! 21 also reflects likewise shows relationships. He seems to be much better now as J. Cole discusses in this tune. Verse 1/2 21 Savage likewise talks about his commitment to his siblings in this new song. He stresses that he would rather be in jail or dead than be abundant if it pertains to snitching on his crew. 21 talks about the loss of his brother-Tayman at a drug offer failed. He likewise lost his finest friend-Johnny at 21's birthday party after being shot in the head by a gang associated assaulters. 21 Savage was likewise shot 6 times throughout the shoot out. All these distressing occasions resulted in 21 Savage ending up being the 'street thug' he is today. Society made him who he is today. J. Cole's Verses on "a lot" J. Cole salutes 21 for being a stand up guy at the start of his verses on this collaboration. Cole advises of his visit to the studio to deal with this track and finding 21 with his two kids in the studio. In spite of the terrible training 21 had, he is a family guy dedicated to both music and personal life. In latter verses, J. Cole exposes the dirty service of the music streaming world-using loops to extend tune play times and using robotics to manipulate song streams. All of these create more streams and more revenue to the artists. J. Cole goes on to speak of the poor quality of music in the industry right now. Many artists concentrate on bragging about their wealth, which Cole says he was never ever into. He hopes that the fans would realize it on their own, however that likewise had not become a reality. Controversial artist Tekashi 6ix9ine gets a shout out from Cole in this song. Cole questions Tekashi if he is happy about the controversies that he needed to put up to increase to fame in the music industry. Tekashi was apprehended multiple times for weapon belongings and is currently serving a sentence being arrested in November 2018. Lastly, Cole talks to his fans. Cole's 2018 album 'KOD' might not have actually lived up to its predecessor '2014 Forest Hills Drive' launched in 2014. J. Cole talks to the fans ensuring that he has a plan and will come back with bigger and better music in the years to come. J. Cole is on a journey to be 'one of the best who did it (music).'. 21 Savage and J. Cole together provides us some inspiration and sheds some light into their personal lives in" a lot.". Did you enjoy this collab by 21 and Cole? Let us hear what you think about this song, lyrics and what this tune implies to you in the comments below. 21 Savage, J. Cole's 'A Lot' Video: Watch There is a destructive sadness to 21 Savage and J. Cole's "A Lot" video, not since of its musings on poverty, death, racism, abuse and generational injury. Those are unfortunate too, however that images is so ingrained in the black experience that a person learns to exist with that constant hum. Instead, it's the discussion of joy. The Aisultan Seitovl-directed visual has to do with "a lot" to price estimate Savage, however it's mainly about the search for one meal. The sign is effective due to the fact that as rapidly as the Norman Rockwell-esque images of a black household sitting around the table appear, the illusion shatters. In its wake comes truth. One member of the family is shot, another remains in jail, a third is dying and they all seem to be coping under the weight of institutional forces baked into presence. It's all contrasted with the luxury of old loan. As the East of Underground sample plays, the household paradoxically dances in the living-room none will live to see. Savage's "How much money you got? (A lot)," develops into a mantra during the almost seven-minute video and as the electronic camera pans, out it sets in. Savage has all the wealth worldwide and very few individuals left who can appreciate it. Everybody he understands in whatever pocket universe this video lives in is either dead, in jail or irrevocably broken. The only thing left to keep him company is the tulip focal point withering around a table of empty chairs. 21 Savage launches the video to his tune entitled "A Lot" featuring J. Cole on the track. Late in the game, 21 Savage and J. Cole's "A Lot" was one of the year's highlights, a collaboration as unforeseen as it was effective. Late in the video game, 21 Savage and J. Cole's "A Lot" was one of the year's highlights, a cooperation as unexpected as it was efficient." 21 Savage A Lot ft J Cole Music Video download, free download 21 Savage A Lot feet J Cole. There is a terrible unhappiness to 21 Savage and J. Cole's "A Lot" video, not due to the fact that of its musings on poverty, death, racism, abuse and generational injury.