Lucy la Nouvelle Secretaire - (2018) Marc Dorcel
Streamcherry Dora, a pretty secretary, is well integrated in her business, and lives in secret a story of passionate sex with her boss. When she boosts her best friend Lucy to support her, she is far from suspecting that the young woman, whom she thought was so wise, will turn out to be a real mogul of men to find a place in society. As a first contact, Lucy seduces a pretty colleague, and invites the accountant to join the presentations, in a spirited three-point close to the coffee machine ... LUCY, LA NOUVELLE SECRE'TAIRE ; LUCY, THE NEW SECRETARY ; LUCY, DIE NEUE SEKRETA''RIN Etero, Over 21-28, European Girls, Group sex, Anal, DP, Tits, Facial, Oral, Cum shots Studio: Marc Dorcel Production (2018)