Weldporn® Stubby Tig Torch Box - Weldporn® – WELD EVERY DAMN DAY
Weldporn® Stubby Tig Torch Box This Stubby Gas lens & Collet kit fits all 17 & 26 series air cooled torches and 18 series water cooled torches, including the Lincoln PTA-17, PTA-18 and PTA-26 torches,Miller Diamondback DB17,DB18 and DB 26 torches, along with the Weldcraft WP-17, WP-18 and WP-26 torches. Stubby Box Contents: 1pcs 0.040" & 1.0mm 17GL040 Stubby Gas Lens 1pcs 1/16" & 1.6mm 17GL116 Stubby Gas Lens 1pcs 3/32" & 2.4mm 17GL332 Stubby Gas Lens 1pcs 1/8" & 3.2mm 17GL18 Stubby Gas Lens 1pcs 0.040" & 1.0mm 10N22S Collet 1pcs 1/16" & 1.6mm 10N23S Collet 1pcs 3/32" & 2.4mm 10N24S Collet 1pcs 1/8" & 3.2mm 10N25S Collet 1pcs 4# Ref NO: 53N58 D6.5 x 25.50 mm 1pcs 5# Ref NO: 53N59 D8.0 x 25.50 mm 1pcs 6# Ref NO: 53N60 D9.5 x 25.50 mm 1pcs 7# Ref NO: 53N61 D11.0 x 25.50 mm 1pcs 8# Ref NO: 53N61S D12.50 x 25.50 mm 1pcs 57Y04 short back cap 1pcs 57Y03 middle back cap 1pcs 17GLG20 Gas lens insulator