The Legend to the Treasure
Have you taken the Weigh Down Basics class, read the Tablet and yet you still want more? Do you ever question the direction of your life and its' meaning? What do you treasure and what is your purpose? The Legend to the Treasure addresses these heartfelt questions and points the reader to introspection and renewal through powerful Biblical teachings symbolically portrayed through sea voyage, ship and sea navigation terminology. The purpose of this series is to thoroughly examine every aspect of your life and experience the freedom of finding life's greatest Treasure. If you are willing, you are about to turn your wandering ship around and embark on a voyage that will take you to peaceful shores. Finally, this series is full of contrasts- from fortune to disaster. You will discover that there is no in-between. To find the real Treasure, you need to pull out every spiritual "nautical tool" that you can find, check the rigging, and hoist the sails...and finally, you have to sail directly into the wind under the guidance of a true Captain. This series is a must view for every seeker who is longing to make their peak contribution on earth and successfully sail to the to other side of eternity. This class contains 16 videos lessons, 10 audios lessons and a downloadable workbook.