How to Take Care of God's Temple
Can your life really change to the degree that happiness, peace, and joy can be found in just one day? When you hear a message that explains how to take care of God's "temple" and truly take care of the body He has given you, you absolutely can! On July 22nd, 2017, Gwen Shamblin Lara gathered with hundreds of participants at a special "Weigh Down on Tour" event in Louisville, Kentucky. During those few hours together, Gwen poured out the reasons why, from a Godly perspective, it is so important to take care of, and not be greedy with, the amazing bodies that He has given us. Find out how, from a biological perspective, God designed our bodies, inside and out, to be used for His glory and service. Why is it destructive to overeat, overdrink, or overmedicate? Because God intended our bodies to be temples that house His Holy Spirit. Any sinful desires, including greed for extraneous, satiable food or drink, allows for idolatry to take a foothold and begin its destructive path of destroying God's temple. The teachings in this two-part video set are very powerful and convicting. Learn how God ingeniously intertwines science and faith. Get ready . . . Your life is about to be forever changed!