History of the One True God Series
This moving class will strengthen your relationship with God more than ever. You will have 6 video lessons along with 6 audio lessons. In addition, you will have access to a downloadable History of the One True God Workbook. If you would like to purchase an additional workbook, visit http://store.weighdown.com. As stated in the book's preface, author Gwen Shamblin Lara explains that “the intent of this book was to chronicle history from the ongoing Spiritual War of the Heavens with Satan, to the earthly war of lies on Adam and Eve, to the establishment of Jerusalem. The book continues with a brief overview of church and religious history to the present religious state of America.” Gwen also writes, “The main purpose of this series is to expose false religion. Too much of history is penned from the twisted perspective of man, but 'History of the ONE TRUE GOD' is humbly scripted from the standpoint of God. For example, instead of answering the hard questions from man's perspective - questions concerning God's wrath, His holy separated people, the authenticity of His Word, the actuality of the flood, the church, the Laws, the Commands, the religious wars, the deadly disasters and the death of the innocent - the hard questions disappear as they are answered from God's viewpoint, as quickly as taking the plank out of your own eye gives you vision for the reality of others. This study emphasizes the breaking heart of The Creator and defends God as the only Being who wants all men to live forever. It points the responsibility back on the heart of man rather than blaming the benevolent Creator of All.” Those few sentences alone speak volumes about this study ...in contrast to the vast catalog of “Christian” literature in existence that does not even attempt to see God's pain and His point of view.