Feeding Children Physically and Spiritually
Help for parents and overweight children. Help during pregnancy. This package is designed for loving and concerned parents. Over the years, we have heard from countless loving parents seeking advice on how to share the foundational Christian principles of Weigh Down with their children. It might seem like an overwhelming task to fight overweight, obesity and eating disorders for yourself, much less for your children. We do not want to raise our children to bow down to the false idol of food. But here is the good news: God has given us everything we need for life and godliness! This video lesson and three additional audio lessons contain helpful suggestions and heart lessons that will help you experience this independence from food and enable you to pass this freedom down to your children and grandchildren. It is also exciting to find that children pick up on these simple truths more quickly than we as adults do. Children are so capable of a single focus and are eager for true love! Not only is it our belief that the next generation is going to come to the Father in a mighty way and with loving hearts, but we also believe that it will be the children who will lead many of the adults into wholehearted devotion. To purchase a copy of the Feeding Children Physically & Spiritually Booklet, visit our store here: http://store.weighdown.com/Feeding-Children-Physically-Spiritually-Booklet-P725.aspx