Born Again - Part II
Being a Born Again Christian is so much more involved than the majority of modern-day churches will tell you. Gwen Shamblin Lara has been teaching for the 30-plus year of her entire time in Ministry that SAYING you love God and Jesus Christ doesn't mean anything - unless there are ACTIONS accompanied with those words. When you truly put God first, you STOP doing the things that He doesn't approve of. You lay down your sins. This concept is illustrated in every book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. However, satan has done a masterful, cunning, and deceptive job over the centuries of confusing people. He's actually convinced the majority of church-goers that fully obeying and following God's commands is not only too difficult, but really not even necessary. He paints God out to be a distant, cold-hearted overlord who doesn't understand man's plight. But this false accusation of God by satan, as Gwen explains in this powerful Message, is offensive on every level, and it is time for people to hear the Truth about our wonderful, kind, generous, loving God - who absolutely CAN and MUST be loved and adored and obeyed. He deserves it, and all of creation sings His praises. We as human beings made in His image can do this too. We can, truly love and fear GOD instead of fearing man and wanting man's approval. You will be transformed as you watch and listen to Gwen explain in great detail how to be Born Again.